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BioFuels Technologies (BFT) Refund Policy

BFT wants to be sure that all our customers are happy with our products and services.  To that end, we offer customers a choice of warrantee options ranging from “No Warrantee/Return” privileges to “Limited Warrantee/Return” privileges.   Products sold without recourse, warrantee or return rights are sold “as is” and may not be returned under any circumstances.   Products sold with limited warrantee rights will be accepted for return and, at BFT’s option, either replaced or refunded.   BFT also offers, for products beyond limited warrantee periods, “bench repair” services at appropriate hourly rates.

When BFT products are warranted, that warrantee extends only to those elements of the product that are not “wear” items.   “Wear” items are clearly identified in the product warrantee document.   High-volume use during the warrantee period can result in premature need to replace “wear” items not covered by the warrantee.

BFT products are also designed for use within a specified range of conditions and with specified fuels.   Use of BFT products outside the range of recommended conditions or with inappropriate fuels can invalidate the warrantee.

BFT under no circumstances accepts responsibility for, or will provide warrantee/return privileges, to purchasers of products originating from predecessor companies, or for products purchased used from third parties.  All warrantees offered by BFT apply only to the original purchaser of the product, and only for an initial installation on the vehicle identified at the time of purchase.